Want To Own An Elly B's?

Elly B's can offer a great franchise opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs who are prepared to devote time, energy and expertise in the food industry to running their own restaurant within the framework of our brand.

Make no mistake, operating a restaurant is no walk in the park. It takes determination to succeed in our competitive environment and it's not the business for everyone, but if you have what it takes it is very rewarding

Our brand is set to expand in Malawi and beyond and we are actively looking for talented individuals who share our passion and vision for a home grown franchise to take on the African market.

The road is tough, but with our systems and procedures to guide you, nothing is left to chance. We vet every potential site with a detailed marketing plan. Our proven recipes and attention to detail have quickly established Elly B's Diners as quality and value for money restaurants 

What you will need

You’ll need minimum available finance of $140,000.00  (About 115 million Malawi Kwacha) for setup costs, as well as a $7500 joining fee.(About 6 million Malawi Kwacha). The joining fee covers training for the manager and up to 6 staff in all aspects of our business from the recipes, costing meals, service, hygiene and finance 

You will also need a minimum operating capital of $10,000.00 (About 8 million Malawi Kwacha) to finance stock and operating costs

We will assist with property selection and rental negotiations and the minimum unit size is around 150sq metres with 200sq metres being optimum.

What you can expect from our franchise agreement

Below are the pertinent points of our agreement and the full contract will be made available to successful franchisees

Our agreement will provide a specific territory to operate your restaurant within and this will be determined by the population and socio demographic of each location

The franchisor will earn a total of 5% of your gross turnover on a monthly basis in the form of a Management Service Fee (“royalty”).

You must provide monthly financial reports to the franchisor. These will be generated by our POS software and management system, which is included in your franchise fee

The Franchisor collects 2.% of your gross turnover on a monthly basis for an advertising/marketing fund, to promote the brand.

The franchised business must be operated directly the franchisee.

The franchisee will be provided with operations manuals detailing the specifications, standards and procedure that the franchisee must follow. This includes, purchasing of ingredients, recipes, methods of cooking and storage, menu for food and drinks and operational requirements 

Trade secrets provided by Elly B's may not be used in any business other than the franchise and are confidential to the franchisee. All operations manuals remain the property of the franchisor and will be returned on demand or at the termination of agreement . 

Want more information?

If you feel franchising an Elly B's restaurant is for you, and have the necessary finance and qualities we are looking for please fill in the contacts form and we will contact you

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