Peter and Veronica - 2002

Peter and Veronica - 2002

Our Committement To You

Here at Elly B's, we only work with suppliers that share our passion for great food & we ensure our food meets the highest safety and quality standards – from the farm to the fork. Where possible we work with Malawian suppliers and source as much as possible from within Malawi.

All our dishes are made from scratch fresh everyday using the finest ingredients that money can buy and we are committed to working with local farmers and growers to ensure a constant improvement in quality and taste

Our Story - Elly B’s or The Blue Elephant

Well here’s where it started - “The Blue Elephant” was actually a bar and restaurant - more of a bar really and opened its doors back in 1999. it quickly gained popularity and became a bit of a landmark in Blantyre for almost 20 years!

Started by Peter and Veronica Curtis, their passion for great food was the driving force behind the name which eventually became Elly B's.

Part of our success was our burgers, made to a secret recipe and loved by many, in fact some people came only for the burgers, so good was the taste of those flame grilled 100% pure beef patties!
Well that love of burgers gave birth to Elly B’s (Elly - short for Elephant and B’s - short for Blue , just reversed) We opened our first Elly B’s Diner in 2016 selling our famous burgers plus ribs, steaks and plenty more besides. 

Legendary Burgers, Ribs and Wings

Whatever the occasion, it's always the right time to drop in to Elly B's and treat yourself to a delicious burger feast, a rack of succulent spare ribs or spicy chicken wings coated in our secret spiced breading.

Situated at Chichiri Mall in the food court, Blantyre and at The Gateway in Lilongwe 


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